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Sean Iddings is co-founder of the Intelligent Fanatics Project which helps investors and entrepreneurs see further by standing on the shoulders of organizational and leadership giants. The book series, of the same name co-authored by Ian Cassel, is the introduction into the overall project. Sean is also a member of MicroCapClub and runs Unconventional Capital Wisdom, a registered investment advisor in New York State.

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Five Good Questions:  

  1. What is an “intelligent fanatic,” and why do we want to recognize them as investors?  What are some qualities you didn’t like in some of the leaders or their organizations you highlighted in the book?  Why?
  2. Who was John Patterson and how did he embody an intelligent fanatic?
  3. Finding a Jeff Bezos or Warren Buffett after they’re big and famous seems easy.  How do we find an intelligent fanatic early enough to invest in them to really see the benefits?  Are there markers we can look for a priori to success?
  4. A large addressable market with a big runway for growth was a common theme among everyone profiled.  The timing also happened to coincide with an epoch of unprecedented economic growth in the US.  If you consider that the tide might not be coming in as quickly in the developed world as it once was, are the spectacular results of an intelligent fanatic still replicable?  
  5. Many of the intelligent fanatics chose a lowest-cost-provider business model to succeed.  Is that the most likely way to succeed for them?  Or are there others who were able to create differentiated products instead?

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