S3:E3 Malcolm Balk – The Art of Running


Author Background:

Malcolm Balk is a runner, coach, Alexander Technique teacher, cellist, and father of two based in Montreal, Quebec.  Malcolm trains colleagues from the Alexander world to teach The Art of Running which is based on his book of the same title and which aims to help runners improve their performance and enjoyment.

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Five Good Questions:  

  1.  Who was Alexander, what was his technique, and how does it relate to running?
  2. What is S.M.A.R.T. running?
  3. In our achievement-driven society, emphasis is placed results over process.  Your book argues putting process over results, which happens to fit with how some of the best investment thinkers view the world.  Why do you put process over results?
  4. What’s the mantra/checklist I should be telling myself while I’m running to maintain good form?
  5. What’s the connection between running and deep thinking exercises, like reading?


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