S3:E17 Maureen Monte – Destination Unstoppable


Author Background:

Maureen Monte is a leadership and team consultant with over ten years experience in building winning teams. She has a BS & MS in Mechanical Engineering and an MS in Leadership and her client list includes Kellogg, SalesForce, Huntington National Bank, and La-Z-Boy. She is the author of Destination Unstoppable which documents the true story of helping a talented but dysfunctional boys varsity hockey team become state champions – in six weeks. Her process works in the locker room and the board room!

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Five Good Questions:  

  1. How did an elite high school hockey team become the narrative of your story?
  2. Why are sports teams such an apt environment for strengths-based work?
  3. What’s the secret to good team chemistry?  How about outside of the sports world?
  4. What’s an abundance mindset and why is it so important to cultivate it?  Does our society have a bias toward some strengths?
  5. What’s a trust bank?

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